A prumuzione ! Cumprate 10 uttene 4 gratis! Offerta limitata

Promotion! Buy 10 get 4  liberu!


Dear customers! Our hgh pharmacy get a birthday! More then 7 years we provide the best hgh to our regular customers, must customers stay with as this 7 years.


To say thank you we prepare 10 promotions sets by Genotropin 36 iu from Pfizer


Sets content:

10 pens by regular price $4650 USD

+ 4 pens you will get absolutely free

So pay 10 pens per $4650 USD get 14 pens!

Shipping by Fedex free to US, UPS to other distention free!

Note: offer limited, total have 10 sets

Promotion will be finish after sold out all promotion.

Order by link here!



The best regards, your HGHBangkok.com

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